Sunday, April 19, 2015

Leading a Choral Group

Few things in this world can compete with the beauty of good choral music. Excellence in the blending of vocal gifts, however, takes great skill in leadership. A choral conductor must seek to constantly improve his or her craft so that he or she can inspire and challenge those under his or her direction.

Understanding the fine points of choral technique and communicating them effectively to gifted singers is both an art and a privilege. While good choral instruction is being given in some high schools and universities, the need to satisfy coming generations of singers with a good environment in which to develop their talents in an ongoing way is foundational, if it is to enjoy a valued place in our culture. Equipping singers to be effective in leading congregations to give God high praise is critical. Conductors of choral groups are leaders of leaders.

Choral conductors face three main areas of responsibility; music leadership, administration and eldership. The first area, music leadership, will be the subject of the next post.

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